Net-FM Upgrade for GT Credentials


As of February 1, 2016, INSITE Net-FM is being upgraded to incorporate GT login credentials. The link will not change, and the basic functionality of Net-FM also remains the same.  The only differences are the password that is used to access the system and the "Profile" selection which is now "insprod" (this is the default value).

New Login Procedure

The upgrade to GT credentials means that users will utilize the same password as for email, Techworks, etc. instead of the separate password used before.  As a part of this change, you will no longer be able to update the "My Profile" menu item.  Previously, this is where the INSITE password could be changed, but with this new change, this will be done using the passport website instead.

  • Abbreviated Release Notes (none for this upgrade)
Previous Upgrade Notes

Click here for notes about the previous upgrade of INSITE Net-FM.


Contact John Holcombe for further information about the new version of INSITE Net-FM, or if you are unable to log on to the system using your standard GT password.