Campus Master Plan

From the 1997 Campus Master Plan:

"The Master Plan for the Georgia Institute of Technology is a 'living document.' It has been prepared within the context of extensive analysis of existing campus conditions, and of the future needs of the Institute. However, as in any long-range planning effort, it is impossible to anticipate every future circumstance that will be faced as the plan is implemented. As a consequence, the plan must remain flexible to accommodate new and changing conditions.

"The implementation process, as described in the long-range plan, provides the tools, through the creation of a Planning and Design Commission, for the Institute to monitor and, as necessary, refine or amend the Master Plan on a regular basis."

This page and its links guide you into and through both the history and current state of planning for the future campus conditions of Georgia Tech.

Master planning in itself is not a dictate; rather it is the identification of guidelines and parameters that inform future development and that are appropriately responsive to the internal and external influences extant at the time the documentation was produced. Hence the comment above that says, "The implementation process [will]… refine or amend the Master Plan on a regular basis [as changes in assumptions occur]."

The 1997 Campus Master Plan (CMP) is the current Plan and continues to be the guiding principle for campus development. On October 13, 2004, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia heard and received the 2004 Update to the 1997 CMP. The Update refines earlier guidelines in accordance with situational changes and adds definition to and emphasis on three specific areas: accessibility, sustainability, and capacity.

At the top right are links to three documents. The "Complete Document" contains the full text and graphics of the 2004 Update. "Campus Map" is a graphic illustrative plan of many of the CMP concepts. "Presentation" is a summary of the CMP as presented to various campus and community constituents.

The Campus Master Plan is a dynamic document following the dynamic process of campus planning. Please visit this site occasionally to see the latest revisions and additions.

Master Planning

  • Develops enhancements to the Master Plan
  • Supports the Master Plan implementation committee
  • Serves as a resource to the institute in the area of Master Planning