Amplified Sound and Event Advertising

Amplified Sound Outdoors

Amplified sound may be requested for outdoor events with prior approval from the Registrar’s Office and CPSM. This applies to events hosted from Monday to Friday; an event hosted on a Saturday or Sunday is exempt from this amplified sound approval requirement. Authorization may not be granted or will be withdrawn if the amplified sound interferes with regularly scheduled classes, other educational functions, or other scheduled events. Please complete the Amplified Sound Request Form and submit via the instructions at the top of the page.


Flyers/Banners/Sidewalk Chalking

Flyers may only be posted inside the Student Center and some classroom buildings when prior permission is obtained from the building manager or an administrative staff person in the building. Flyers should not be posted outdoors but may be distributed by student organization members or GT staff members during designated times. 

Banners can be hung on the second floor of the Student Center building. To reserve banner space please log on to GT Events, or contact the Student Center for more information.

With prior permission, water soluble chalking is allowed on campus sidewalks only. Chalking must be at least 20 feet from all entrances and not placed under any overhead obstruction or on stairways. Chartered student organizations, schools, and departments may chalk to advertise events. Do not use chalk-spray, markers, or paint.  To obtain permission to chalk on campus sidewalks please send an email inquiry to