Event Space Frequently Asked Questions

How to Log-In To GT Events

How do I log-in to GT Events?

You must use your GT account and password (as issued by Georgia Tech to all students, faculty, and staff) in order to log-in to GT Events.

Who Can Reserve Space

Who can reserve space on campus?

Members of the Georgia Tech community can log into GT Events with their GT user ID and password to browse and reserve available space in campus buildings and outdoor venues. You must be a member of a Chartered Student Organization, faculty or staff to reserve outdoor space and table space.

Alumni and individuals who are not members of the Georgia Tech community may reserve the available spaces listed here. Fees and contact information for the listed buildings can be found directly on the website.

Email or Phone Requests

Can I make a reservation via email or phone?

All reservations should be made through GT Events. Creating a reservation through GT Events automatically places a “hold” on the space and does not allow for other groups to book the same space. If the space is CANCELED, the space will become available for other groups. Email and phone requests do not place a hold on the space. A phone or email request does not put you at the top of the list to be reviewed.

If you submit an email request, you may experience a delay in response to your request, and Event Managers may need additional information furthering the delay in booking space. Remember, you can include all of the appropriate information about your event in the online system (a notes/description section is provided). If you submit a phone request, you may be asked to submit the request online through GT Events.

Outdoor Planning Checklist

Is there a planning guide or checklist available to outdoor event hosts as logistics are coordinated for the event?

Yes. After submitting an outdoor reservation request at least four (4) weeks in advance through GT Events, use this Outdoor Event Planning Checklist as a reference in coordinating logistics. Based on the location, activities, risk, etc. at an outdoor event, consent from various other campus stakeholder departments, like the Fire Safety Office, Risk Management, GTPD, etc., may be required; the event host may also be required to present the event in-person at an Event Logistics Committee (ELC) meeting. It is the event host’s responsibility to plan far enough in advance to receive consent prior to the desired event date as well as supply those stakeholders with complete information. Every item on the checklist may not be applicable to every outdoor event, so contact events@cpsm.gatech.edu with questions.

Once the request for outdoor space is submitted through GT Events, a “tentative” status is created; outdoor events are never “confirmed” until CPSM has all necessary details and campus stakeholders’ consent. Remember - the more details provided earlier in the pre-planning process, the faster the event confirmation will be processed.

Furniture or Equipment Rental

Do you provide furniture or equipment rental for outdoor space?

No. Space Management works with GT customers to obtain permission for the use of outdoor space on campus. We do not have any physical resources for rent. (Classroom spaces come “As Is” no additional furniture can be added or removed). The following areas can assist with some furniture or equipment rentals for outdoor space, pending availability.

Tables and Chairs (only)

Contact brandon.ford@facilities.gatech.edu in Event Staging to assist with chairs and 6’ rectangular tables.
Subject to fees after 4pm and on weekends for the delivery, installation, and pickup. Requests should be made at least four weeks in advance for large outdoor events.

Power and Extension Cords

Contact james.harbour@facilities.gatech.edu in Facilities to assist with power locations and extension cords.
There is no fee to reserve extension cords.
Requests should be made at least five days in advance.

Licensed and Insured vendors can provide additional options. We have used the following companies:

Classic Party Rentals

Peachtree Tents and Events

TLC Rents

Tents and Inflatables

Can I have tents or inflatable structures at my event?

Yes. Tents and Inflatables are allowed in outdoor spaces as long as they meet the requirements.

Tents and inflatables on cemented areas must be weighted down with sandbags or water buckets.

No building type structures, vehicles, water slides or carnival rides are allowed on grass areas.

No organized sporting events on Tech Green Lawn.

Amplified Sound

Can I play amplified sound at my event?

Yes. Amplified sound may be requested for outdoor events with prior approval from the Registrar’s Office and CPSM. This applies to events hosted from Monday to Friday; an event hosted on a Saturday or Sunday is exempt from this amplified sound approval requirement. Authorization may not be granted or will be withdrawn if the amplified sound interferes with regularly scheduled classes, other educational functions, or other scheduled events. Please complete the Amplified Sound Request Form and submit via the instructions at the top of the page.

Small battery-powered speakers may be used for background music. Event planners should be prepared to turn the volume down if requested to do so.


Can I host an organized Race/Walk/5K on campus?

Yes. GT Chartered Student Organizations, Schools, and Departments can host an organized race on campus with an approved route from the GT Police Department.

Reserve an outdoor location in GT Events and submit a Special Events Security Request to GTPD to coordinate the race route and lane or street closures.


Can I serve food at my event?

Yes. Food served to event attendees must be approved by Auxiliary Services. Requests must be submitted no less than two weeks prior to your event. Auxiliary Services has developed the Catering Providers Policy which outlines the guidelines for food at campus events.

If you would like to have grilled food at your event, approval will be required as outlined in the Catering Providers Policy. Grilling or cooking raw food requires an approved caterer with appropriate food service permit, insurance, and licenses.

Food Trucks

Can I have a food truck at my event?

Yes. Food trucks must be approved by Auxiliary Services. Requests must be submitted no less than two weeks prior to your event. Contact kira.freeman@gatech.edu, 404-385-6614

Trash and Recycling Services

How do I get trash bins or recycle bins at my event?

If you are generating waste of any kind, you need to have waste collection available. The permanent waste bins on campus are not for event use.

Request Recycling: http://www.recycle.gatech.edu/request-container

Request Trash Bins: facilities-landscaping@mail.gatech.edu

Space Rental fees

Does it cost money to reserve space?


With the exception of the Campus Recreation Center (CRC), Parking and Transportation, and the Georgia Tech Athletics Association, Chartered Student Organizations, Schools, and Departments are not charged for outdoor space use. However, all direct costs associated with the event are your responsibility (equipment or furniture rental, trash, insurance, security, etc.)

Groups are responsible for any turf or surface damages occurred during the event.


In most cases, custodial fees for classroom space apply Monday-Friday, after 8pm and on Weekends. Custodial fees for the Instructional Center and West Village begin at 5pm on Fridays.

Youth Programs

Do I need permission to host events involving minors (under 18)?

Yes. All youth programs, or youth-focused events must be registered annually and no less than 30 days prior to your event.

In some cases where minors (under 18) may be present with a parent or guardian, for example a race/walk/5K or a GT campus wide event, you will not need to register your event as a youth program. For more information contact Kelly.cross@gatech.edu

Activity Waivers and Insurance Liability

Do I need waivers and insurance forms for inflatables or activities that could cause risk or injury?

Yes. Vendors are required to provide insurance and proof of liability forms for carnival like rides, inflatables, and other similar structures. Submit all information to Risk Management, Frederick.trotter@business.gatech.edu

Members participating in these activities are required to sign and complete a paper or online waiver. Chartered Student Organizations, Schools, and Departments are encouraged to use the online waiver registration process. Contact the Center for Student Engagement for more information on this process, 404-385-6552

Animals and Pets

Can I bring animals to my outdoor event?

Yes. Vendors are required to provide insurance, immunizations, and proof of liability forms for all animals or pets as stated in the Procedures for Animal Exhibit/Petting Zoos. Submit all information to Risk Management,Frederick.trotter@business.gatech.edu

General Questions

Can I reserve other outdoor spaces that are not listed on GT Events?


Campus Recreation Center (CRC)

Parking and Transportation

GT Athletics Association

Tech Tower Lawn

Is reserved for rare VIP events for the following departments only:

GT Alumni Association

Institute Communications

Office of Development

Additional outdoor spaces not listed on GT Events or the locations above, are not available to be reserved.

If I submit a reservation, can the space be reserved by other groups?

No. Once you submit a request through GT Events, the space is held while the request is being processed. If the space is CANCELED, the space will become available for other groups.

When can I reserve space?


Large Outdoor Space can be reserved a maximum of 1 year in advance and a minimum of 504 hours (3 weeks) prior to the desired event date.

Table Space can be reserved a maximum of 1 year in advance and a minimum of 120 hours (5 days) prior to the desired event date.


Event Space can be reserved a maximum of 1 year in advance and a minimum of 72 hours (Students), 48 hours (Faculty/Staff) prior to the desired event date.

Classroom Space (for events) can be reserved starting on the First Monday of April, August, and December of each year, and a minimum of 72 hours (Students), 48 hours (Faculty/Staff) prior to the desired event date.

*Due to the high volume of space requests and the approvals process, exceptions to the minimum time will not be given. Please plan accordingly.

The Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons provides instant reservations for academic and scholarly purposes (general meetings are prohibited). Reserve a breakout room instantly through GT Events with no approval needed. Instant reservations are only available less than 48 hours in advance.