Events Logistics Committee and Off Campus Groups


Event Logistics Committee

Student organization members, school and department administrators, and non-GT individuals may be required to meet with the Event Logistics Committee (ELC) depending on the size and scope of their event. The ELC is a campus organization that consists of members from various service departments such as Campus Police, Parking and Transportation, Grounds/Landscaping, Recycling, the Student Involvement Office, and others support and safety units. The ELC provides information and advice to help with event coordination and to ensure a well planned and well organized event. All organizations that are planning campus-wide events are encouraged to meet with the Event Logistics Committee early on in their planning cycle. Please send an email inquiry to for more information.


Off-Campus Groups

Individuals who are not members of the Georgia Tech must be co-sponsored by a Georgia Tech Organization, Department or School in order to reserve space in any Instructional building or Outdoor Space that is reserved by Capital Planning and Space Management (CPSM). Fees may be required for liability insurance, parking, security, facilities and any other service. Any Organization, Department or School that is co-sponsoring an External group, must be present at all times when the external group they are co-sponsoring is on campus. For more information send email inquiries to