Pre-approved event spaces on campus are currently accepting reservations for fall semester; learn more about these spaces and fall event hosting guidelines here: https://specialevents.gatech.edu/sites/default/files/images/fall_campus_event_guidelines.pdf. Requests for most outdoor event spaces and centrally scheduled classrooms will be accepted in early September (exception: Tech Walkway tabling spaces are currently available for reservations). It is strongly suggested that event hosts consider a virtual meeting or event to promote social distancing. Learn more about hosting a virtual meeting or event by visiting https://specialevents.gatech.edu/virtual. Learn more about the “Tech Moving Forward” plan by visiting https://health.gatech.edu/coronavirusFull fall 2020 event guidelines can be found at https://specialevents.gatech.edu/fall-2020-events.

Event Spaces and Reservations

We strongly recommend that you plan events in large outdoor spaces or indoor spaces that are pre-approved and have a dedicated event coordinator to ensure proper health and safety protocols are followed.

The following spaces have been pre-approved for event activities. Georgia Tech students, faculty, or staff hosting a function in these spaces are not required to present to the Event Logistics Committee (ELC) in order to secure their reservation. Certain events may require additional information from the planner or planners.

• Academy of Medicine
• Campus Recreation Center
• Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons
• Exhibition Hall
• Ferst Center for the Arts
• Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center
• Georgia Tech-Savannah PARB or ELAB
• Global Learning Center
• Student Success Center
• West Village

Reservations outside of these spaces must be approved by the Event Logistics Committee to confirm their booking request. Full fall 2020 event guidelines can be found at https://specialevents.gatech.edu/fall-2020-events. Additional information regarding the ELC is available at http://www.space.gatech.edu/events-logistics-committee-and-campus-groups

Review and Approval Process

Your review process is determined by your space selection.

If you reserved space in a pre-approved venue

Your building’s event coordinator will submit your event to the ELC on your behalf. You are not required to individually submit your event for review. Select events with high attendance or complicated setups may be required to present their safety protocols to the ELC.

If your event is outdoors or not in a pre-approved space

Your reservation will not be confirmed in GT Events/EMS until you receive approval from the ELC. Approvals are tied to key, risk-based characteristics of the event.

Full fall 2020 event guidelines can be found at https://specialevents.gatech.edu/fall-2020-events. Additional information regarding the ELC is available at http://www.space.gatech.edu/events-logistics-committee-and-campus-groups

Safety Protocols

Regardless of event location, all events are expected to meet the new safety protocols. To view the full list of safety guidelines, download the full guidelines document. Resources and tips for meeting these protocols are available on the Special Events Planner Resource page.

Tabling Tabling will be allowed on campus in limited capacity. Organizations or departments hosting a table should remain behind their table to maintain 6 feet of distance. Groups are not permitted to distribute handouts or swag or host bake sales; we encourage QR codes in place of handouts.

Food sales are not permitted unless the group holds a health inspection certification.

Recommended Space Usage Practices During COVID-19

Download this summary of strategies that can be implemented in Georgia Tech facilities to help the campus community maintain social distancing.